Our PRactices

The firm maintains an office in Nigeria, We handle all matters relating to the formation, governance, operation and dissolution of business organizations in Nigeria. We advise clients in certain regulated industries and prepare the appropriate regulatory documentation, and assist the client in obtaining the required governmental approvals. If and when financing is required, we assist clients in structuring and documenting the transaction and advise the client in choosing between borrowing and issuing securities at the Nigerian Stock Exchange. We also assist clients in drafting joint venture and partnership agreements.

We advise individuals, international and multinational corporations with regard to investment and operations in Nigeria, particularly with respect to laws regarding taxes, investments, sales, joint ventures, acquisitions, product liability, distributorship, technical assistance, licensing arrangements, customs and immigration matters.

The firm’s international practice also consists of assisting clients in protecting their intellectual property in Nigeria as well as advising them about legislation involving import and export controls and regulations. The partners have experience in advising and handling transactional litigation and arbitration matters.

The firm provides advice to clients, principally corporate clients, on immigration matters, including obtaining non – immigrant visas for employees, which allow these aliens to be temporarily employed in Nigeria. The firm has also developed a wide network of lawyers in other parts of Africa to which the affairs of clients can be referred with confidence.

The partners at Chukwuemeka Udenze & Co. have extensive experience in dealing with all the major government agencies (State and Federal) in Nigeria. The firm advises clients on the following areas of international corporate and commercial transactions in Nigeria:

Joint Venture Agreements & Licensing of Technology

Joint venture agreements involve collaboration between entities for mutual benefit, while technology licensing permits one party to use another’s technology. Both agreements outline terms, responsibilities, and benefits for involved parties.

Tax Consideration

Tax considerations involve evaluating and managing financial decisions to optimize compliance with tax laws, minimize liabilities, and maximize available benefits, ensuring effective and lawful use of resources.

Resolution of International Disputes

International dispute resolution involves diplomatic negotiations, arbitration, or mediation to peacefully settle conflicts between nations, organizations, or individuals, promoting global stability and cooperation.

Entertainment law and Intellectual property Rights.

Entertainment law focuses on legal aspects of the entertainment industry, safeguarding intellectual property rights like copyrights and trademarks, ensuring creators’ protection and fair compensation for their work.

Contract Negotiations

Contract negotiations involve discussions between parties to reach agreement on terms, conditions, and obligations, ensuring clarity and mutual understanding before formalizing a legally binding contract.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a legal process where parties resolve non-criminal disputes through court proceedings. It typically involves issues such as contracts, personal injury, or property disputes


At Chukwuemeka Udenze & Co. We always stand by two things: the quality of our work and our fee schedule. Our approach to law practice allow us to maintain substantially lower fee arrangements without compromising the quality of our work.
Our fee schedule depends on a number of factors: the client’s desires, the nature of the work, the result anticipated and achieved, the volume of work, the mode of payment, etc. The client has several options: contingent fee arrangement, hourly fee arrangement, flat fee and/or a combination of all three. In any case, our fee schedule is unbeatable. It is negotiable, and we give it to you in writing. Regardless of the type of arrangement, our time is recorded for all cases. Actual time is recorded in increments of one-tenth of an hour.

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